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Okay so yeah, I'm not the best at keeping promises. But hey, I've been putting in some effort over the last few days, I upgraded from an .xyz address to a .net address after some weird stuff was going on with suspicious redirects. Gaming section should be online soon as well, and I'm planning to make a custom 404 page to fill in the other areas in the meantime.

Unfortunately my last year of school starts soon, so that might stop me from working on this as much, but I'm still gonna try and at least update the blog once a month.

Hope everyone reading has had a great new year, and continues to in the future!

The summer holidays down under has admittedly given me too much of a chance to not do much. I apologize for the lack of updates promised in the last post, but let it be known, I am still around.

I did spend a large amount of time earlier this month playing two Pokemon fan games I plan to add to the PokeDex section eventually.

Pokemon Insurgence: A very strange game to say the least.

Pokemon Orange: Unfortunately not finished yet, I have nothing but praise for what I played, however.

Despite what I said in my last post about Sword and Shield, it appears that it may make the first entry on the PokeDex.
Expect this hopefully after the new year.
In the mean time,

Merry Christmas everybody!

December 15 2019

January 23 2020

November 26 2019

I am proud to announce continued development of this website.
So far, I have gained a solid idea of what I want to do with this place.

So far I have the idea for the blog and PokeDex sections planned out.
The blog, which this post is obviously a test for, will hopefully be updated at least once a month.

The PokeDex will be sort of an archive of future Pokemon experiences I partake in. Due to my unfortunate lack of interest in Sword and Shield, I feel like this is a way to bring back the collection aspect that I will miss from PokeBank, although this time it will include things such as Romhacks.

A world of dreams and adventures with Pokemon awaits!